Our Services

Skill-Building Groups


We offer various groups for children including our Pre-Literacy Group and Drop-Off Program! Small groups encourage individualized success!

School Services


We work in partnership with public & private schools to help students fully benefit from their educational programs. Our Therapists work with your child's school to develop and maintain an individualized therapy plan. 

Clinic Based Therapy


Jump Ahead has both speech & occupational therapy. We offer evaluations, consultations and individualized treatment sessions. We offer one-on-one or group sessions at our Sensory Gym or in your child's day-care / school.

how do we help?

The first step to improving your child’s skills is evaluating the current strategies used by caregivers to assist the child. Standardized assessments, clinical observations, and caregiver reports are all part of this evaluation process.

After assessing your child’s situation, the therapist will work with the family to set individualized goals. The team (therapist, caregivers, and child) will work toward these goals together. Treatment can begin once our therapists determine the frequency and duration of treatment. Together with the family, your therapist may decide to meet on a consultative basis. This entails periodic meetings to discuss changes to the family's routines and family-led interventions to ensure the child's success.

Alternatively, regularly scheduled individual treatment sessions may be appropriate for your child. The team will meet on a weekly basis and the therapist will work directly with the child.


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